Please see our Worship At Home page for details of what we are doing while we are unable to use the church premises.

What to expect when we regather for Sunday worship…         

….frequently asked questions…

WHEN WILL WE BE BACK IN THE CHURCH BUILDING? As soon as we can safely do so, but it won’t be before September

WILL I STILL BE ABLE TO ACCESS WORSHIP ONLINE WHEN THE BUILDING REOPENS? We hope so and will do what we can to enable this. Can you help?

WHAT WILL SERVICES BE LIKE? We don’t exactly know yet! We are reviewing new Covid-Safe practices before we reopen the building for worship. Check back here for updates.

WHAT SHOULD I BRING? You do not need to bring anything but may like to use your own Bible, service book or silenced smartphone (to follow readings etc) if you have one.

WILL I NEED TO WEAR A MASK AND GLOVES? Protecting each other is our priority. Masks are now compulsory in worship services, but gloves are optional.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN WHEN I ARRIVE? Someone will greet you (without physical contact), and invite you to clean your hands. Your name and contact details may be taken, in accordance with Track & Trace procedures. We will make sure you have all you need, and help you find a seat if you need assistance. The words for the service will be on the screen at the front.

WHERE SHOULD I SIT? Chairs will be offered at a covid-safe distance from others. As long as you stay in one seat and don’t move around, you can choose anywhere you feel comfortable.

WILL I HAVE TO JOIN IN? If you prefer to just watch and listen, that’s fine. The guidelines we need to follow mean that there will be less moving and speaking together than we are used to, and no physical contact.

WHAT, NO HYMNS?! Coronavirus guidelines prohibit our singing during services. One person may sing for us to listen to, and/or recorded music may be used. Thankfully, organ music is allowed!

HOW LONG WILL THE SERVICE LAST? At the moment guidelines suggest shortened services, so, less than hour.

WILL THERE BE REFRESHMENTS? After morning services, coffee and tea used to be served in the church or the Montrose Hall. Unfortunately at the moment we are unable to invite you to join us for some refreshment and a chat before you go home.

CAN WE STAY AND CHAT? Unfortunately this is not permitted at the moment and guidelines ask you not to interact with anyone not in your household or ‘bubble’.

WILL I BE SAFE ENTERING AND LEAVING? A volunteer will make sure there is no congestion at the door, and people may be asked to leave in a staggered fashion instead of all at once. Let us know if for any reason you are not able to wait.

IS THERE A PRIEST OR A VICAR? No: Methodists have a Minister. Ours has just retired and we look forward to welcoming Revd Steve Poole in September. Meanwhile a team of Church Stewards are responsible for overseeing the practicalities of our collective life and worship.

WHO WILL LEAD THE SERVICE? It could be one of our circuit ministers, a visiting ordained minister, or a lay preacher from this or another church. A steward will introduce them at the beginning of the service. 

WILL I KNOW WHAT TO DO? Follow your neighbour! Mostly we sit, to listen and pray. You may be invited to stand for parts of the service,but this is an invitation, not a requirement! Those who are less mobile will sit throughout.

WHAT IF MY CHILDREN ARE NOISY OR WON’T SIT STILL? Believe it or not, we were all children once! Once we establish our new patterns, activities will be available with our Young Church leaders. Meanwhile we can offer activities for them to do while they sit with you if they don’t want to join in.

IS THERE FULL ACCESS FOR WHEELCHAIR USERS? Yes. Enter by the ramp; we will make space so you can sit where you choose in the main body of the church. 

WHAT ABOUT THOSE WITH POOR EYESIGHT? Large print books are available. Ask when you come in.

IS THERE A HEARING LOOP? Yes. Set your hearing aid to “T”.

WHERE ARE THE TOILETS? Fully accessible facilities are on your left as you come in the main door. Further toilets are available in the Church Halls.

WHAT IS “CAFE-STYLE WORSHIP”? Some of our services are more informal. We sit around tables instead of in rows. Refreshments are offered throughout, and we have a chance to discuss questions together. Unfortunately due to coronavirus we cannot offer cafe worship at the moment.

DO I NEED TO BRING MONEY? Worship is free for all to attend. Those who wish to give, out of gratitude for all we’ve received, will do so. We will be pleased if you wish to contribute, but it is not compulsory!

WHAT HAPPENS TO THE MONEY? Unless the collection is announced for a specific purpose, the money given goes to support the work of the Methodist Church locally and elsewhere. Many people give anonymously in sealed envelopes or pay by standing order (with the tax benefits of Gift Aid). Instead of passing the collection bag around there will be a plate to minimise contact.