Wealdstone Methodist, Harrow Citizens and a group of young mums and other locals have come together to launch this exciting new project.

We are OPEN and look forward to meeting you!

We opened the doors on Friday 16th April 2021 and, as pandemic guidelines permit, we’re beginning to grow some great opportunites to connect young families in Wealdstone, and support them in some practical ways.

Help us recycle CLEAN and GOOD QUALITY baby goods

We are offering baby clothes from 0-24months and items of baby equipment (including nappies, and other items small enough to fit in cupboards) from 10am-12 on Friday mornings. Larger items will be stored off-site but also made available to those in need.

Please email w.babybank@gmail.com before turning up, if you have items to donate. We always welcome donations of funds for nappies for struggling local families; you can now donate via Paypal too. Please think about setting up a regular donation if you can.

Volunteers at work!

Citizens UK has trialled Babybanks as part of their P.A.C.T model, “Parents And Children Together”. Our Babybank is working alongside our Toddlers and Pre-School, with strong links to the church congregation and the Friendship Project.

Please email or phone if you have goods to donate. We’re looking for more local storage space… Can you help?

More information on our Facebook page. Speak to Kathryn Upton in church; or call Aghileh on 07727 687328. Do let us know if you’d like to get involved in any way!

Some of our amazing new team

Listen to this interview with Aelwyn and Aghileh, by Jo Gordon for the London Network of Parent & Toddler Groups

Press coverage of Wealdstone Babybank has been very positive: see Harrow Times, LocalLondon, London NewsTime