A new venture, growing out of the Friendship Project. Since 2018 we have been exploring ways to help each other connect together.

We are now registered as an Online Learning Centre through the Good Things Foundation.

Online Skills tuition has been happening in the Montrose Hall from 10.30-12 every Wednesday. This is a small group and you need to pre-book. It is for beginners who need help to access Zoom where we can safely learn from our homes.

WELL DONE to all our beginners, who have made it on to Zoom so we can continue to meet and learn together.

Our volunteer Mr. Bipin Dattani is also kindly offering Zoom sessions for learners who have mastered basic skills and are ready to progress to the Intermediate level.

“Learn My Way”

We’re using this online learning resource, which you are all invited to access (or help someone else to access): the Learn My Way website learnmyway.com . Please register with our Centre Number, 8005962. You’ll then be able to learn at your own pace, choosing what you want to learn, and your progress will be saved until you next return. You can do this privately and do not need to be part of our Online Skills group.

Out of your comfort zone? you’re not alone!
Don’t stress when your laptop or tablet won’t behave! Let’s all help each other

See Wealdstone Methodist’s YouTube Channel for some tasters of what we’ve been up to!