A new venture, growing out of the Friendship Project. Since 2018 we have been exploring ways to help each other connect together.

In 2019 we registered as an Online Learning Centre through the Good Things Foundation.

Online Skills tuition sessions have been happening (when covid guidelines permit) every Wednesday since September 2020 in the Montrose Hall. Other groups have met on Monday afternoons and now more sessions are being added. Learners meet in small groups and you need to pre-book: please contact Bipin tel: 07825312402, or email him at erpa.news@gmail.com

WELL DONE to all those who have made it on to video conferencing and have continued to meet and learn together online when meeting in the hall wasn’t possible.

It was lovely over the past couple of years to have new people dropping in to the Online Friendship Cafe; the church’s Friendship Project and the OLC continue to work closely together. Our volunteer Mr. Bipin Dattani also offers Zoom sessions for learners who have mastered basic skills and are ready to progress to the Intermediate level. We are hoping to continue extending this work in the near future.

“Learn My Way”

We’re using this online learning resource, which you are all invited to access (or help someone else to access): the Learn My Way website learnmyway.com .

Please Register with our Centre Code, 8005962. You’ll then be able to learn at your own pace, choosing what you want to learn, and your progress will be saved until you next return. You can do this privately and do not need to be part of our Online Learning group.

Click this picture to go straight to the registration page

Here’s a clip of Shirley, recently promoted from the Intermediate group to the Advanced, and now coming along to help our new Beginners.

CONGRATULATIONS to all the learners who graduated on 2nd June. Contact us to watch more of our lovely graduation ceremony!

New developments are happening all the time. We are working with local Healthcare providers to assist more people in accessing online healthcare. It’s great to be in partnership with the local surgery at Enderley Rd, with Healthwatch and other NHS representatives. A new partnership is now developing with Diabetes UK. Contact Bipin (see above) for the latest news on new groups and courses.

See Wealdstone Methodist’s YouTube Channel for some more tasters of what we’ve been up to!

Don’t stress when your laptop or tablet won’t behave! Let’s all help each other