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Can we help?

Whether or not we can meet, do let us know how we can best support you and your family. Get in touch if you want to join our scheme to help people connect better online, or to borrow any of the toys sitting in our cupboard, or if you need any craft supplies.

Our WhatsApp group

For updates on what’s happening, & to encourage you to link up with each other: Message Sharon on if you would like to join. (Be prepared for a full interrogation if we don’t recognise your number!)

Join us on Facebook

We run a closed Facebook group “Wealdstone Toddlers”, where you can swap ideas, find out how others are doing, or scream if you need to (and who doesn’t sometimes?). The group’s been running over 4 years so is relevant for KS1 children as well.


We are now open on Monday and Thursday mornings, 10am to 11:15 am

For more information please email

Safety is a priority at all times, and we will always comply with current covid guidelines. You’ll appreciate, this means considerable extra work so bear with us while we try to get back to our pre-pandemic sessions

Volunteer availability is very low at the moment. Do let us know if you can help. We have trialled a booking system by email to manage numbers.

NEW! Wealdstone BabyBank – Open every Friday 10-12

Working with Harrow Citizens and some young community-minded locals, we have set up a base from which young families can share baby clothes and equipment. We hope that from contacts made here we will be able to grow more activities for young families. See our separate Babybank page for more info.

We’d like you to let us know what you think. Please find a couple of minutes to take this survey

Please pass the word around if you are in contact with other families .

We all work together here
‘Bumps and Babies’?

We’re especially keen to hear from the families of new babies born since the start of the pandemic. We’d love to help you meet others dealing with similar challenges!

Contact us any time on will do our best to keep you updated here.

What’s been going on?
“Zoom Zoom Zoom…”

During lockdown in 2020, twice a week in our usual Monday and Thursday slots, Kath was on Zoom offering chat and singing for you and your kids. Sometimes kids wanted to sing or were in a chatty mood, sometimes not; that’s fine! It was never a large group, but it’s always good to chat; some people stayed for an hour, others just a couple of minutes. Further sessions were made available by arrangement after lockdown eased.

We hope you enjoyed your FREE Easter story books and activity ideas for your family to enjoy together. Over 30 families took an Easter Gift Bag.

This is the book

Christmas Zoom Party

Thanks to those who joined in on Monday 21st December 2020 to say hi to Kath and Toddler Group friends old and new, for half an hour of Christmas fun. Especial thanks to Santa for zooming in specially for us and chatting with the children.

Stay safe, keep in touch, and keep up all your good work!