What’s going on?

“Zoom Zoom Zoom…”

During lockdown, twice a week in our usual Monday and Thursday slots, Kath was on Zoom offering chat and singing for you and your kids. A small number of mums and carers have been popping in there occasionally, just to keep in touch. Sometimes kids want to sing or are in a chatty mood, sometimes not; that’s fine! It’s never been a large group, but it’s always good to chat; some people stay for an hour, others just a couple of minutes.

Sessions like these are still available by arrangement. Contact Kath if you want to meet up in this way.

Can we help?

Until we can meet again, do let us know how we can best support you and your family. Get in touch if you want to join our scheme to help people connect better online, or to borrow any of the toys sitting in our cupboard until we re-open, or if you need any craft supplies.

New! WhatsApp group

For updates on what’s happening & to encourage you to link up with each other. Message Kath on 07816 294783 if you would like to join. (Be prepared for a full interrogation if I don’t recognise your number!)

Join us on Facebook

We run a closed Facebook group “Wealdstone Toddlers”, where you can swap ideas, find out how others are doing, or scream if you need to (and who doesn’t sometimes?). The group’s been running over 3 years so is relevant for KS1 children as well.

Message “Kath At Wealdstone Methodist” on Facebook so we can connect individually too.


The Methodist church national guidelines for Covid-safe use of premises have been under review, and the local Church Council have to decide how best to meet the needs of all the different people who use the halls. Some activities for this age group are starting to reopen elsewhere, and the guidelines say “Parent and Toddler groups CAN re-open”, but the Early Years Alliance makes it clear that they must ensure families remain distanced from others; masks must be worn by adults, no sharing of toys, no soft toys, no singing or raised voices… etc. As we’ve all been used to moving freely around, it feels like a big challenge to get adults to keep to these rules, let alone toddlers.

Volunteer availability is very low at the moment: let us know if you can help! We also have to consider others who use the premises, so there are issues around cleaning/quarantining space.

We decided in September to review the situation at half term.

One possibility is that a small number of families might be able to pre-book, using the events section of this website, to use the space and a limited amount of equipment, with safety measures in place.

We’d like you to let us know what you think. Please find a couple of minutes to take this survey

Please pass the word around if you are in contact with other families .

We all work together to keep everything clean here

‘Bumps and Babies’?

A group for new parents is more straightforward to host than a session with toddlers running around, so is a strong possibility. Please message us if this is something you’d be interested in.

Summer meet-ups

We experimented with a couple of Teddy Bears’ Picnics in the summer, without much take-up. Numbers had to be limited to 6, & it takes courage to get ‘out there’ when you’re a new parent!

Depending on interest and volunteer availability, some outdoor sessions could still happen. We will keep you updated here.

Meanwhile, stay safe, keep in touch, and keep up all your good work!