Please join our efforts to make Wealdstone an even friendlier place! We can all start by picking up the phone to someone!

From September 2021, Friendship Cafe will be open again in the hall! 10.30-12.30 Wednesdays. Come along and help to make things happen!

Locket Road Link-Up: one of our recent weekly get-togethers…

We have been sitting outside the hall doors on Locket Road next to the bus stop, talking to passers-by and each other, like we did last summer.

Our hardworking team are back offering hospitality to all comers in September. They’d love to see you! From 10.30-12.30 each Wednesday morning, come along for a cuppa and chat and we will see what emerges in the following weeks!

Online Friendship Cafe

Every Wednesday since the first lockdown began, we’ve been enjoying each others’ company on Zoom. Our last session hosted by Kath was at the end of the summer term. If you’d like to join the team to help continue this after the summer break, we’d love to hear from you.

Here is a recording some of us made on the spur of the moment to give you a quick glimpse into Online Friendship Cafe!

Online Learning Centre

Since 2018 at Friendship Cafe, we’ve been encouraging informal opportunities to help each other to access healthcare etc. on the internet.

We successfully managed to fastrack about 10 beginners who managed to meet online over the 2020-21 lockdowns. New groups of beginners have been getting together in the Montrose Hall since then, and our Online Learning Centre project has taken off…

You can find out about it HERE

This project is developing rapidly, thanks to grants from the Good Things Foundation, Near Neighbours and Harrow Giving.

It was easier to help before the pandemic… but we;re more motivated than ever now!

Please get in touch to find out more about becoming an Online Learning Assistant.

Random Zoom Gatherings

Thanks to the 15 people who dropped in for our Pancake CookAlong on Shrove Tuesday, especially those who propped up their screen in the kitchen to join the fun. If you have ideas for quizzes, games, cooking or craft sessions etc, we want to hear them!
Our story…

Evolving from the Luncheon Club, our Friendship Cafe was, pre-lockdown, a thriving hub of food, fun and fellowship each Wednesday. We hope it soon will be again, but we won’t be back to ‘normal’ opening until we can be 100% confident of doing so in a covid-safe way. Meanwhile, we are doing our best to all keep in touch. Phone any time.

Board games, craft sessions, and, of course, eating together have been part of Friendship Cafe since the start. Not all of these activities are possible online, but some of them are. As well as catching up with each others’ news & discussing plans for Saturday night quizzes and other future activities, we have recently been supporting Harrow Healthwatch, and trying to work out how to help others join our online and offline community.

Keep in touch for updates!

Just like the good old days…
Piece by piece…
By hook or by crook?
Some crafty ideas are on the cards
We’re piecing together a plan…
Thanks for your patience while we get everything on track