It’s happening!!

Plans for an arty weekend in September were pencilled in last year for 19th and 20th September 2020. Maybe the full version, with exhibitions, workshops etc., will go ahead at some stage? Meanwhile, here we are!


By clicking HERE you can enjoy sampling some home-grown arts and crafts from our community.

Contribute to Our Art Project!

Whether or not you have been unleashing your inner artist over these past few months, we’d love you to contribute! There’s never been a better time to get creative!

As this White Friar etched in one of our church windows reminds us, Wealdstone has a long history of artistic endeavour. Maybe you have discovered some long-lost treasures in a recent decluttering?

Textiles, drawings, woodwork, digital… We are not looking for the next Mona Lisa, we just want to get to know each other better.

The challenge went out to our Facebook group at the beginning of lockdown. Watch the video and find out more!

‘A shooting star- half day, half night’ by Demyan

How can I contribute?

Can you please share some of the things you’ve created and 200-300 words introducing yourself and saying something about your work? Sharon is waiting to hear from you!

Who can contribute?

This is open to ALL local people of ANY age, and can be new work or a piece you made decades ago. We will come to your doorstep to take photos if you can’t send them.

“The centrepiece: an English rose.” by Gerald Crispe

Hopefully one day soon we will all be able to celebrate our life together, in all its fullness. Sharing exhibition space, workshops, performances, and (of course) cake! – these can happen later; please let us know what you can share NOW!

The Arts Festival Group will update you here with future plans.

Dont miss out! Get thinking about your contribution, and if you are part of a local group, please invite them to consider what they might offer, collectively or as individuals.

Keep an eye on these pages! We hope to add to them each week, with YOUR help!

Artwork by Maryam Zoghi