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Demyan is a 6 year old graduate from our Toddlers Group, and he loves painting. He believes he is an artist, because his teacher told him so!
He wanted to paint a lot of paintings to sell them, to make money to buy an electric scooter (first it was a dog he wanted, but he changed his mind when he realised a dog is hard work).

Ema Hutanu

Hello! I’m Ema Hutanu, one of the volunteers at the WMC Toddler group. I’m the mum of two little wonders, which means that most of the time I’m busy, but when I get a bit of time to myself I like making small objects of decorative or practical use. Of all the things that I have made so far, I think I like knitting the most, as I find it very relaxing.

Gerald Crispe

Gerry is 89 years young. We were just getting to know him at Friendship Cafe before lockdown, but since then, he has become one of the pillars of the Online Friendship Cafe on Zoom each week (occasionally in RAF uniform!). His latest venture is to acquire a new accordion, which he’s re-learning after a break of 63 years!

Helen Riley

A very long time ago I did Art GCE and the course I did, didn’t include painting. When I retired I decided to have a go at learning to paint. I started to learn water colour, which is a difficult media to work with and I am still learning. Nowadays I also use acrylic paints, which are more forgiving. I like to paint pictures from photographs I have taken on holidays both here and abroad. I also quite like painting flowers and natural forms. I like attending art classes as it is the one time in the week when I have “me time”. Art requires total concentration, so that your worries and cares disappear for a couple of hours and you emerge refreshed ready to face another week.


Many of you will recognise this lovely lady who was a regular at our erstwhile Luncheon Club and enjoyed holidaying with us too. Over the years she has knitted many things we can’t show you, as she has given them away. She finds crochet easier on the fingers now, but as you can see, her smile is as bright as ever!

Katharine Harrison

Three offerings for you here: a sculpture I made in 1983 as part of my B.Ed.; I call him Jonah, because he reminds me of the part of the story when Jonah gets grumpy with God; I can relate to that! Next is a pair of seagulls I made from paper and old violin string. Fascinators are silly things, but you don’t go to a wedding every day, and this one had a seaside theme. I didn’t make the feathery bit. Finally a collaborative collage! My daughter made the puppets for an A level art project. It’s based on Oscar Wilde’s beautiful story “The Fisherman and the Mermaid”. Look it up!

Maryam Zoghi

Hello, I am Maryam from Iran. I have been a part of Friendship Cafe since it began in 2016. I am a psychology graduate, and I had my own art gallery in Tehran before coming here 7 years ago.

I have struggled during lockdown to schedule enough time for art. I would go back to my art in a heartbeat as it is what inspires me most. Art inspires, art is a way of achieving greatness, of building a better world. Art turns strangers into friends.


Rex made these from a kit and two of them can move.  When you turn the handle the accordionist plays and taps his foot.