We believe that everyone is important here, whether or not they hold an official role within the church. Here are some of the faces you may want to put a name to…

* Please email Kath with any amendments *

Revd. Steve Poole joined us at the start of September. He has previously been working with Kenton and South Harrow Methodists & continues to be responsible for Kenton as well as us!

Helen Riley is our Senior Steward. She leads all the volunteers who have responsibility for the full scope of the church’s life and activities

Gilbert Sam has been a Steward at Wealdstone Methodist for a number of years. His daughter Michelle works wonders on this website

David Milne is our Church Secretary. As well as the admin for our Church Council, he does the weekly newsletter and, with his wife Bronwyn, produces our magazine “Dawn”.

Paul Philips manages to juggle his young family to serve as one of our Stewards. We’re grateful to them all

Malcolm Aldridge is the Church Treasurer, managing our finances at this difficult time. Malcolm also works with the team who look after the premises as the Property Secretary

Leslie Stanton is the Lettings Officer. He looks after our premises and oversees all hall bookings

Aelwyn Taylor is a Circuit Steward, with responsibilities towards all the Methodist churches in Harrow & Hillingdon. She is the church Safeguarding Officer.

John Bolton is one of our Harrow & Hillingdon Circuit Stewards. He chairs the Property Committee & is often to be found doing exemplary work with a hoover for the cleaning team too

Hazel Bolton is our Pastoral Secretary, which means she makes sure we all look after each other through a network of 12 pastoral leaders

Novelette is one of the rota of people making sure everything is ready before each service and supporting the minister.

Sue leads this team but we don’t have a picture of her yet!

Rex has been working on the premises team, amongst other things, for many years. He was recently awarded the B.E.M. by the Queen, for services to scouting.

Helen plays the organ and is a Local Preacher

Katharine Harrison is the Church Development Worker. She has been employed here part time since October 2016. You can contact Kath on wmc.kath@gmail.com, 020 8427 3210 or 07816 294783

A big shout-out to all who voluntarily clean the church, do the flowers, phone those who are housebound & otherwise work behind the scenes!

Some of the volunteers who’ve been making the Friendship Project happen on a Wednesday…

Say hello to our lovely Toddler group volunteers…