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Please let us know if you would like to have a chat about your own faith journey, whether or not you are interested in membership. There are opportunities to meet with others (of church, other faith and no-faith backgrounds) to discuss and learn in a friendly group together.

What does it mean to be a member?

Church membership is about committment. The church is not just a club; membership is about making a committment to follow Christ and wanting to learn more about God’s purpose for our lives.

Some of us became members as infants at baptism, and Confirmation offers the opportunity to confirm the intention of those who took responsibility for us at that time and to make the decision for ourselves, publicly declaring that faith as our own. In being received into church membership in the Confirmation service, we mark the fact that we want to be seen as part of the church in this place and want to stand up and be counted. If you have not been baptised as a baby, baptism can take place as part of your Confirmation service.

For Methodists moving to another area, membership is transferable to another Methodist church. If you are a member of another Methodist church, or a Confirmed member of another Christian denomination (URC, Church of England etc) your membership can be transferred to Wealdstone Methodist. If you have not yet been confirmed and wish to become a full member, please contact the Minister.